Saturday, May 21, 2016

Free 3G BSNL 3G APN Trick Working Again

This is the best and simple way to surf free BSNL 3G. I myself use this awesome BSNL 3G internet everyday for free in Haryana. Its working 100% here.
You don't need to recharge for any internet packs or subscribe any service to get this service!
All you need is just Rs. 1 minimum balance in you account.

Okay lets get to the point now!
First crte a default Profile of BSNL
Then, crte another Profile with any name, For example BSNL X.
You just need to change the APN of BSNL X profile tobsnlnet.mnc053.mcc404.gprs
All other settings will be same as default BSNL profile!

Now, First try to connect witl BSNL X for atlst 3 times.
It will now connect, just redial again upto 3 times.

Now connect to default BSNL profile.
VOILA!! You are now connected to BSNL 3G without paying for it!

I'm adding some screenshots as proof to show that this trick rlly works for me!
Click on the s to ZOOM!

Plse lve your comments below, if this trick works for you or not!

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