Saturday, May 21, 2016

How To Build Upto 5000 Free Backlinks

Most of us have seen website value calculators and whois srch, pages that link to our domain and show up in the srch engine results when we srch for our domain name. The main aim of getting Backlinks are to rank top in the srch engine.

Now a days as many blogs are got affected by Panda update and lost their traffic. It is the best and automated way to get some backlinks/link popularity which is provided by IMTALK.

In this tool the script crtes pages about your website/blog which is resulting in about 2500+ different pages with backlinks pointing back to your website. In this some of them are no-follow and some are do-follow.

This tool crtes page in well established websites which regularly crawled by Google and other Srch Engines. By this your website/blog will get backlinks/link popularity, will be visited and indexed more frequently by Googlebot and other srch engine bots like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

How to use this Tool :
Step 1 : Just visit this Website IMTALK
Step 2 : You will get the tool named IMT Website Submitter, which is something like below.
Step 3 : Enter the Required fields, i.e. Website/Blog URL, word, select the of pages to be crted and then click submit.

Step 4 : Now this tool crtes the page and will also be pinged. That mns backlinks/link popularity are being crted which is something like below.

Note : Plse do not interrupt till it counts to the selected of pages.
Step 5 : By this way we can crte upto 5000 Free Backlinks or a Link popularity, enjoy fast crawling and high ranking in Srch Engine.

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