Saturday, May 21, 2016

Magic Pets BOT for Facebook

100% working Magic Pets Tool that lets you get unlimited gold, rubies, energy, 100% certified capture pet, Magic Pets swf , Magic pets blueprints, and more. Download the Magic Pets , Tool, , Trainer and be the one Magic Pets player ever in Elunia. Capture or get the best and most powerful rare pets, build the best buildings, decors, and more using this Magic Pets Tool. Magic Pets is a Facebook game where play as a Magic Keeper of Elunia. Your job is to use your rare magic to capture and care for the wild crtures all over Elunia. In playing the game as a MagiKeeper, you will be new and exciting places where you can experience the diversity of wildlife, and ultimately become the grtest Keeper of people and pets in Magic Pets.


Gold (Use gold to buy stuff in the shop.)
Rubies (Rubies are premium items that can be used to buy elite items like runes, pets, eggs, and wands.)
Energy (Energy are needed to take actions around Elunia.)
Refill Energy
XP Boost
100% Certified Capture Pet (Changes percent of capture a pet to 100%.)
Unlimited Free Gifts (Give yourself free gifts or send unlimited free gifts to your friends.)


1. Click the download button below and star downloading your file.

2. Extract the highly compressed archive using WinRAR or 7zip.

3. Rd the instructions carefully to avoid errors while using this file.


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