Saturday, May 21, 2016

Monster Galaxy - 2014 No

Welcome , i would like to introduce this monster galaxy with pride ! This became one of the most popular for facebook games just in few days , because only in this you can find such unique ftures.

First of all , we would like to inform you that we tested this monster galaxy - program over few months before relsing and we rlized how to make this undetectable.

So this is fully protected with anti-ban system. This mns that there are no chances to be banned or caught. This can erate you unlimited amount of Star Seeds just with few clicks, moreover this is able to make you as much blue coffee as you want. Also this provides brand new Star Coins fture which can make you star coins for free !
And that’s not all , we added /EXP which will help you to raise your level and bt others at lst 20 times faster !

Monster Galaxy -2014is tested manually and working %100If you have an error plse notify us, Thank you!Monster Galaxy -2014Free Below...

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